Monday, February 1, 2010

Watching "Return to Witch" Mountain with the cousins. We had a movie party comple

te with popcorn boxes, m&m's, and movie tickets. The kids were way fun, the movie however only held their attention for 5 min. and scared Rylee, of course:)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Utah, I love you and fam too:)

We just got back at 3 in the morning from Utah. Ty took the week off and we went to Vegas for a couple days and then drove to Utah. My cousin, little lovely Erin, got married in the Bountiful temple. I loved being there, it was a cute sealing, and she and Shawn are awesome, I want my kids to be just like em (I don't say that about just anybody!). It's been a long time since I've been with my Marriott family, I really like em and it was fun for my kiddos to be around em. Brenley took these pics while she watched 6 kids 5 and under after driving until 5 in the morning, what a champ. She's in now. I like her. She took these cute pics to entertain the kids while they were waiting. Don't worry Bren, in 2 months you'll never have to hang out outside again!

We went to the ward campout like 4 weeks ago. It was supa cute, it was a cowboy campout at camp Lomia? (I donno how to spell it) Anyway, I have been saving this cute cowboy shirt for Rustin to wear for forever and it finally fits, they had cute lil games and a cowboy boot pinata and tons of fresh blackberries to pick. It was fun, loved getting out of the heat, loved getting out of the city, and loved the yummy fudge from the sugar shack on the way home.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I totally had butterflies in my stomach and was full of angst and couldn't sleep all night. I was so nervous for the first day of school, my daughter however appeared to be totally uneffected that she was going to be leaving her mommy alone with the boys for 6 hrs and 45 min to go to school all by herself for the first time. Tyler gave her a father's blessing this morning and when he got done she turned around and said "Dad are you crying?" to which he quickly rubbed his face and said "No, Rylee, it's just really hot in here". He blessed her that even though mommy and daddy couldn't always be with her, Heavenly Father could and he would bless her and protect her. I was almost crying at the end. These are just some of the 43 pictures dad took of Rylee's first day at school. He said she was the cutest one there by far and I think he is going to pop from being so proud of his lil' girl. Oh that every girl in the world could have a dad like Ty:)

First Day of School! First Day of School! (We can't stop quoting that)

Rigden had to take his backpack too. I asked Tyler if he was gonna cry when Rigden went to school and he said heck no, I can't wait for him to go to school. So far Rigden has done really good today without his Rylee. It is kinda fun to give him a little more attention, maybe this is gonna be a good thing, maybe this will fix him:)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Everybody walk the Dinosaur

Cutest friends, cutest choreography, and cutest costumes. Seriously they were cute!! We decided to have Rylee try out for company dance and she made it so be prepared for more costumes and perfomances. Her first one is in September atthe Diamond Backs game. I love my little girl, not so little, she starts Kindergarten tomorrow and she's not even scared, only excited.